Lao youth presentation.
Credit: WHO/ P. Sensouphone

Links to Resources

This section of the Toolkit provides links to resources for community engagement generally, and by topic areas that may be important in your community.


Community Engagement

WHO community engagement framework for quality, people-centred and resilient health services (WHO)

Role of community engagement in situations of extensive community transmission of COVID-19 (WHO-WPRO)

Community engagement and social mobilization (WHO)

Community participation in local heath and sustainable development – Approaches and Techniques (WHO)

A guide to community engagement frameworks for action on the social determinants of health and health equity (NCCDH, Canada)

Principles of community engagement (CTSA Community Engagement Key Function Committee Task Force, USA)

An introduction to engagement (Book 1) (State Government of Victoria, Australia)

The engagement planning workbook (Book 2) (State Government of Victoria, Australia)

The engagement toolkit (Book 3) (State Government of Victoria, Australia)

Community planning toolkit (Community Places, UK)

The community development facilitator’s guide (Human Resources Development Canada)

A Red Cross Red Crescent Guide to Community Engagement and Accountability (ICRC, IFRC)

Community engagement and accountability toolkit (IFRC)

Community capacity strengthening guide (Save the Children)


Health Security

Asia Pacific strategy for emerging diseases and public health emergencies (APSED III): Advancing implementation of the International Health Regulations (2005) – working together towards health security (WHO-WPRO)

WHO Western Pacific regional action plan for the response to large-scale community outbreaks of COVID-19 (WHO-WPRO)

Role of community engagement in situations of extensive community transmission of COVID-19 (WHO-WPRO)

Building on existing networks for community engagement in health emergencies (WHO-WPRO)

COVID-19 Planning Guide for Adapting RCCE as Public Health and Social Measures Shift (GOARN RCCE Working Group)

Community Engagement for COVID-19 IPC: A Rapid Review of the Evidence (Community Health CoP)

Strengthening Preparedness for COVID-19 in Cities and Urban Settings (WHO)

Social mobilization in public health emergencies: preparedness, readiness and response (WHO)

COVID-19 Risk Communication and Community Engagement (WHO-PAHO)

COVID-19 RCCE Toolkit for Humanitarian Actors (READY, USA)

Guide to Community Engagement in Wash: A practitioner’s guide, based on lessons from Ebola (OXFAM)

Handbook on Community-Led Total Sanitation (Plan)


Non-communicable Diseases and Ageing

A conceptual framework for action on the social determinants of health (WHO)

Global action plan for the prevention and control of NCDs 2013-2020 (WHO)

Mental health action plan 2013 – 2020 (WHO)

The Global strategy and action plan on ageing and health (WHO)

Tools for implementing WHO PEN (Package of essential noncommunicable disease interventions) (WHO)

Implementation Tools: PEN disease interventions for primary health care in low-resource settings (WHO)

Stop the global epidemic of chronic disease: a practical guide to successful advocacy (WHO)


Climate Change and Health

Climate change and health in the Western Pacific Region: synthesis of evidence, profiles of selected countries and policy direction (WHO-WPRO)

WHO global strategy on health, environment and climate change (WHO)


Reaching the Unreached


Actions for consideration in the care and protection of vulnerable population groups for COVID-19 (WHO-WPRO)

Tips for Engaging Communities during COVID-19 in Low-Resource Settings, Remotely and In-Person (GOARN RCCE Working Group)

COVID-19: How to include marginalized and vulnerable people in risk communications and community engagement (GOARN RCCE Working Group)

Practical Guidance for RCCE for Refugees, Internally Displaced Persons, Migrants, and Host Communities Particularly Vulnerable to COVID-19 Pandemic (GOARN RCCE Working Group)

Addressing violence against children, women and older people during the covid-19 pandemic: Key actions (WHO)

Socially marginalized groups and COVID-19 (USAID)


Child and maternal health

Comprehensive implementation plan on maternal, infant and young child nutrition (WHO)

WHO recommendation on community mobilization through facilitated participatory learning and action cycles with women’s groups for maternal and newborn health (WHO)

WHO An evidence map of social, behavioural and community engagement interventions for reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health (WHO)

WHO Working with individuals, families and communities to improve maternal and newborn health (WHO)

The BRAC Manoshi Approach to Initiating a Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health Project in Urban Slums with Social Mapping, Census Taking, and Community Engagement (BRAC)


Communicable Diseases

Planning Social Mobilization and Communication for Dengue Fever Prevention and Control: A Step-by-step Guide (WHO)